Parliamentary Registration Forms


Required Documentation

Applicants are reminded that the following documentation must be presented with an application for Registration as a voter in Bermuda:

New Registration

All applicants born outside of Bermuda must include a copy of their original birth certificate and/or a copy of their Bermuda Status certificate, or letter of confirmation of Bermuda Status from the Department of Immigration.

Name Change

Each applicant applying for a name change must present documentation in support of the change, e.g. a deed poll certificate, marriage certificate or birth certificate, whichever is applicable.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • A Bermuda drivers licence
  • A special persons card
  • A Bermuda identification card issued by TCD
  • A voter's identification card
  • A Passport issued by a Commonwealth country
  • An employee identification card (with a photo) that includes the employee's name, date of birth and signature.