Voter Awareness Month Press Release 2011

During the month of April the Parliamentary Registry will host its 3rd Annual Voter Awareness Month. In addition to our continued commitment of encouraging the public to keep their registration details up to date, this year’s Voter Awareness Month will specifically focus on the changes to the Constituency Boundaries in accordance with section 53 of the Bermuda Constitution.

Beginning the 1st of April a series of commercials will be displayed on plasma screens attached to movable walls with graphics highlighting the new constituency boundary changes, along with interactive maps on the Parliamentary Registry website (, and registration drives throughout the island. These advertisements will respond to questions and concerns of voters and guide individuals seeking information to the Parliamentary Registry located at 60 Reid Street in Hamilton.

The Parliamentary Registrar will inform households whose constituency has been affected by mail. Not all households are affected by the boundary changes; however, general information will be available to all via the Parliamentary Registry Website at .
The changes to the constituency boundaries affect 4,658 households in 35 constituencies, or about 12% of all households.  These changes will take effect when the Legislature is dissolved for the next general election. However in the event of a bye election before the next General Election those whose constituencies were changed by the recent Boundaries Commission changes, must still vote in their old constituency. These changes are not effective until a General Election.

For more information, voters should visit or contact the Parliamentary Registry on (441) 293-8683.