Welcome to the Election Management Body of Bermuda.

On this site you can find that you will hear during and around registering and voting in the Bermuda Election



– Vote


Ballot Paper

– Paper on which vote is cast


Ballot Box

– Sealed box into which all ballots are cast


Ballots Cast

– The number of ballot papers that actually go into the ballot box


Rejected Ballot

– A ballot paper placed in the ballot box by a voter, but which cannot be counted for one or more of the following reasons:

– There is no mark beside the name of any of the candidates or there is no clear indication as to the candidate for whom the voter intended to vote

– There is a mark beside the names of more than one candidate

– There is a mark on the ballot paper which identifies the voter

– The outside of the ballot paper does not bear the official mark


Parliamentary Register

– The list containing the names of all persons who are registered to vote


Registered Voters

– Those persons who can vote in a parliamentary election



– The number of persons who actually cast ballots in a parliamentary election